Do you ship outside the UK?
Yes! I ship to anywhere in the world. If you live in Europe, please shop via my Etsy.

 Who are you?
My name is Niamh and I'm a passionate designer from the north of England. I work for a graphic design company by day, and in my spare time I enjoy drawing, watching anime, listening to music and being surrounded by nature.

 Do you stock any spare parts for itabags?
I'm sorry but I don't stock spares. If you are worried about losing the face or tail of your bag, I would recommend supergluing them on at the metal clasps.

 I have a problem with my order, please can you help me?
Please email me using my contact form here. I try to answer all of my emails in 1-4 days, but sometimes things can take a bit longer due to my busy day job. Please don't worry, I will always do my best to fix any issues.

 Is ____ ever going to be back in stock?
If you follow me on Instagram, I post stories with restock plans as well as plans for new products, too.
Products that are permanently retired and will not be returning:

  • Reese Itabag
  • Goldie Itabag
  • Red Panda Itabag
  • Shiba Inu Itabag

All enamel pins or plushies that say 'out of stock' will not be returning. Sorry for any disappointment caused.