Do you ship outside the UK?
Yes! I ship to anywhere in the world.


 Do you stock any spare parts for itabags?
I'm sorry but I don't stock spares. If you are worried about losing the face or tail of your bag, I would recommend supergluing them on at the metal clasps.


 I have a problem with my order, please can you help me?
Please email me using my contact form here. I try to answer all of my emails in 1-3 days, but sometimes things can take a bit longer due to my busy day job. I will always do my best to help!


 I pre-ordered a bag from you that said it would be ready by [month], why is it late?
Please understand that the pre-order timeline is an estimation only. On pre-order product listings, I do my best to inform buyers about the possibility of manufacturing and shipping delays. If you are uncomfortable with waiting for an extended period of time without precise delivery dates, then please don't place a pre-order.


 Why does it take so long?
The bags are carefully designed by me and then produced by my manufacturer overseas. The bags involve intricate embroidery, custom metal zippers and multiple layered fabrics, making them quite complex to produce. With so many steps in the manufacturing process, this increases the likelihood of delays. Additionally, shipping bags over from my manufacturer can be unpredictable and subject to factors beyond my control.

Even when the bags get to me, there's still more work to be done! Quality checking, packing, printing shipping labels and customs information and dropping packages off at the post office all take time. I do my best to work as quickly and as efficiently as possible.


 Who are you?
My name is Niamh (say "neev") and I'm a designer from England. I have worked in marketing and e-commerce roles before, which inspired me to start my own business with Kira Kira! In my spare time I enjoy drawing, watching anime, listening to music and being surrounded by nature. I love designing products and Kira Kira is my passion, so I am very grateful for your support ♡


 You didn't answer my question...
Please use my contact form here and I'll answer your question as soon as possible